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How To Stretch And Frame A Canvas – DIY Guide

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

If you have recently entered the painting world, you are likely already familiar with a stretched canvas – the core template for any painting. A stretched and framed canvas is always necessary before starting your next (or first) masterpiece, and it is much easier to do it at home than you might think. Your canvas is an integral part of the final product, so you have to follow these rules as closely as you can; a poorly stretched canvas could ruin your whole painting.


Framed Canvas On Living Room Wall


1. Acquire the frame and canvas

First and foremost, you will (unsurprisingly) need the frame, also known as stretcher bars – this will usually come in the form of four ‘bars’ that will be assembled later. The bars are usually available in many different sizes, so scale them to the ideal size for your magnum opus.

The canvas is another obvious and essential ingredient, but be sure that the amount you buy is appropriate for the size of the frame. A good estimate is to have about fifteen centimetres of additional space to fit around the bars.

2. Get any other necessary tools

You will likely already have most of the things needed for a good canvas stretching job, but you might need to get a few special supplies. Water, particularly in the form of a spray bottle, can be sprayed upon the back of a canvas so that it stretches further as it dries. You will also need something to fasten the frame and canvas together – you can use drawing pins or a staple gun for this.

3. Prepare the frame and canvas

If your frame needs to be assembled, now is the time to do it. They should easily slot together if the frame did not arrive pre-assembled. The canvas now needs to be cut. Again, you should be aware of how this fits with the frame, and the amount you cut will again need to be around 15 centimetres bigger on each side than the frame. A utility knife is recommended for the cutting, though it is perhaps better to tear it as this will provide a straighter line.

4. Bring them together and finish the job

Smooth out your canvas and lay it down, then place the frame in the centre. Stretch the longest sides of the canvas over the frame, and insert several pins or staples into each (about three) to secure them – do not do this too close to the corners, however.

This might be a good time to spray the visible back of the canvas once or twice. Afterwards, repeat the above process with the shorter sides – though two pins or staples are probably sufficient for this. Stretch and fold the corners neatly, then pin them, making sure it is fully taught.

Now, let the canvas dry for a day or two. Afterwards, you are ready to paint on it.

It is easier than it sounds to stretch and frame your canvas before you start painting. At Sunshine Coast Art & Framing, we are happy to provide the frames and other materials to help you with this – if you still prefer the professional touch, we can stretch and frame them for you. Feel free to visit our store, or contact us if you need more information

Ideas For Canvas Printing

Friday, April 30th, 2021

Creating beautiful wall art that truly showcases your personality and passions has never been easier, it’s what we do here at Art Frames. Canvas printing is a fantastic way to put your own stamp on a space, and these large print pieces are as at home in a stylish living room as they are in a cutting-edge salon or smart office space.


Bring your photographs to life


If you’re fed up with your fabulous photos languishing in an album you hardly open, why not choose your best images to adorn your walls? Whether you fancy creating a gallery wall of your nearest and dearest, showcasing that terrific landscape you shot last year, or letting the world see your skills as a wildlife photographer, canvas printing is a fantastic way to get your photos out of the cupboard and onto the walls.

Oak float frame stretched canvas

At Art Frames, we know how to bring out the best in your image too, which is why we use specialist materials like our enhanced matt paper that’s ideal for archival photographs, or our premium lustre photo satin paper that is perfect for giving a beautiful finish to photographic images.

Your most precious moments

Whether it’s the moment you first met your new puppy or that time the kids had a ball at a family barbecue, a large format canvas print is a beautiful way to preserve your most precious memories. From formal occasions like weddings or big birthdays to capturing those once in a lifetime snapshots, surrounding yourself with happy images of those you love is a sure-fire way to bring joy to your family home.

Abstract and arty

Canvas prints aren’t just for photos though – the frameless finish lends itself beautifully to more abstract images, and the potential for choosing a larger format means your image has the chance to be a real showstopper. We love seeing this type of image in an entrance hall, and they always look fab as part of a commercial building to create a real talking point.

Interiors with an edge

Creating a great interior is a good way to showcase your style, and using canvas prints can be just the finishing touch you need. Designing your own print means you have absolute control over the colours, style and images you include. You may choose to use images that reflect the way the room will be used – photos of colourful veggies for a kitchen say, or gorgeous seascapes for the bathroom. Alternatively, you may want to reflect the theme of your décor – maybe you’ve gone for an art-deco vibe or a lively fifties theme? Canvas printing is a terrific way to get just the right images to work with your interiors.

Maximise your mood

Choosing the right canvas prints can really lift your mood too. As well as surrounding yourself with images of those you love, you could consider an image that really means something to you – be it somewhere you’ve visited, somewhere you hope to go or just a picture that makes your heart sing. Whatever you’d like to surround yourself with, a canvas print is a gorgeous way to achieve this.

Call us now on (07) 5444 0009 and we’ll work together to create a stunning canvas for your home.

6 Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Friday, February 26th, 2021

6 Stylish Ways To Add Wall Art To Your Home

Wall art can help to make any house a home. It adds flair and personality, and it tells anyone who enters a little bit about who you are too. We’ve selected our top 6 wall art ideas, which we hope inspire you as much as they do us.

We’ve also got ideas for those of you who are renting, so read on to find out how to make your space pop.

1. Textured art

Textured art brings dimension into your space and draws the eye. There are so many options available for textured wall art, including paintings, timber, linen, woven hangings, branches, and even entire walls. It can be as simple or extravagant as you want, but no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong with adding a little tactile touch to your home.

canvas prints of eucalyptus tree

2. Create an accent wall

An accented wall acts as the focal point to any space and can give a beautiful and striking feel to any room. This effect is magnified in smaller rooms too and can have a huge impact. Options include painting the wall one colour or adding stripes and patterns, metallic paint, murals, or tiles. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination and go for a design that speaks to you.

3. Decorative mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to decorate your walls – they make small spaces feel larger, can be grouped together or overlapped, and they come in various sizes. Try playing around with size and shape and see what suits your home. Three long mirrors hanging horizontally or four square mirrors grouped together can look amazing on the right wall. Placing mirrors behind a lamp or other light source can also help to make a home feel brighter.

4. Paint a mural

Murals can take you to another place, helping to calm or fascinate anyone who sees them. If you own your own home, then this is a fantastic way to make your space more beautiful and peaceful.

5. Patterned tiles

We bet you’re used to seeing tiles as a kitchen splashback or as floors in bathrooms, but have you thought of using them throughout the rest of the house?

There are so many creative ways to use tiles and many textures to choose from. With marble, wood-effect, concrete-look, and more, you can choose the feeling and atmosphere you want to accomplish for your space. You can decide how subtle or bold you want them to be and can use them in the entryway, above an archway, staircase, or as a feature wall. Pair tiles with any surrounding colours and you’ll create a stunning piece of wall art for your home.

6. Removable wall art

Wall decals, stickers, and wallpaper are easy options for anyone wanting to add something nice to plain walls, especially if you’re in a rental. Popular designs include animals, flowers, trees, patterns, letters and abstract art. They are also especially fun to use in a nursery or kid’s bedroom.

gallery wall art

Browse Our Range Of Wall Art Online 

No matter what you choose to add to your home, our team at Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery is here to help you. As experts in the industry, we can assist with your wall art needs. We are based in Minyama and can assist with all things framing, canvas stretching, custom mirrors, décor and wall art.

Shop wall art online or call us now on (07) 5444 0009 and  we’ll work with you to create beautiful artwork for your home.

For more helpful home art ideas, read our previous blog on How To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall

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