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Beautiful Canvas Printing & Wall Art On The Sunshine Coast

Crafting beautiful and long-lasting prints for your home or office space is a delicate process that requires high-end equipment and attention to detail. While you can print out photographs and paste them onto a wall, we can help you elevate your best shots into incredible works of art!

Our experience and skillset allows us to offer a high-quality printing on Canvas and Paper. Our professionals take your digital photo, print it out on the best canvas or paper, stretch it onto a wooden frame or frame it behind glass and get it ready to hang up on a wall! 

 Capture Your Memories On Print

Now the best photographs that you took during a graduation ceremony, wedding, family vacation, hiking trip or school trip can adorn the walls of your home! Take those memories and plaster them around your house, adding a personal touch to your bedroom, living room or dining area!

At Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery, we serve customers throughout Minyama and the surrounding areas. We are the only canvas/paper printing provider in the Sunshine Coast that never compromises on quality. When you come to us with your digital photographs, you can be sure they will look incredible on canvas or paper and framed!


  • We always use the best quality canvas / paper for our printing services
  • We use high-end Epson Ink to provide 75 years of protection against fading or degradation
  • We finish the canvas print with a special UV protector coat of Varnish.
  • With the UV protector coat of Varnish, you can wipe the picture clean if it gets dirty without worrying about damaging the print
  • We stretch our canvas onto a stretcher bar of your desired size on site
  • We can attach a quality hanging to your frame, ensuring that it is immediately ready to hang

Come by our Minyama art gallery on the Sunshine Coast for canvas/paper printing services. We can print one or more of your photographs and convert them into art pieces that you can adorn throughout your home or office.

We have worked with family snaps, wedding photographs, family portraits, sports pictures, concert photographs, pictures of nature and many other types of images.

Wall Art To Suit Every Home

We also offer an extensive range of wall art to add a touch of style to any home decor. When it comes to interior design, wall art offers you a perfect chance to add a touch of texture or colour to an otherwise neutral background. From beautiful landscape photographs to bold eccentric patterns, we have a huge range of wall art available to add some extra flair to your home’s style. 

See our full range of wall art for sale. 

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