Choosing the Right Print for Your Art

Choosing the Right Print for Your Art

Finishing touches are the important features of your home that can tie a scheme together or be a standout showpiece. It might be an eye-catching ornament, a piece of antique furniture, or a fabulous artwork.

We are rather biased here at Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery in that we always feel you can’t go wrong with a piece of art. Well, we would say that having suppled framing services and canvas prints on the Sunshine Coast for more than 25 years.  We also recognise that art is such a vast topic and it’s also very personal. What is art to some leaves others cold and we all have our own ideas of beauty but trust us when we say there is an art print out there for everyone. But how do you choose the right sort of print?  Here are our top tips.

Buy what you love

If you’re looking for something to fit in with your décor scheme, it is easy to be swayed by the colour that seems just right, but you should always follow your heart and choose something you love.  You have to live with it so your choice should speak to you and also be a reflection of your taste. Don’t forget also, you can also have your own favourite image/photo/picture created as a print.

Consider the space

Where you are going to hang an art print is an important consideration. Small prints will look lost hung on a large wall and some will either clash or blend in with a busy background.  A plain wall is usually best to display art at its best. If you want a large artwork, it needs appropriate space. You should have room to sit back and see the whole piece in all its glory.

Art as an investment

If you want your art to be not only a feature but an investment and you still want a print, buy a limited-edition print. Limited edition prints are so called because a specific number is produced and each one is dated and numbered. Limited editions can gain in value – particularly those with the earliest numbers.

Frame or no frame

Framing is a personal preference. You can purchase an unframed print and we can frame it for you, but you might also prefer a frameless stretched canvas print. A frame should complement and enhance the picture, not take the spotlight from it.

Here at Art Frames we are happy to help your art collection grow in various ways. Browse our services or pop into our premises at 8 Nicklin Way, Minyama.

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