Custom Mirrors in Sunshine Coast

Mirror in room — Art and Framing Services in Minyama, QLD
Mirror framed — Art and Framing Services in Minyama, QLD

Custom Designed Mirrors in Minyama

Mirrors are often a neglected aspect of room decor. While a mirror with a plain black or white background is harmless, it does not inspire either. If you want a custom mirror that features a high-end frame, Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery offers custom mirror making services in Minyama and surrounding areas.

Owning the perfect mirror for a setting can transform how a room appears. A beautiful mirror adds character and charm to a room, whether it is your bedroom or foyer. Mirrors can also serve as an added light source, bringing beauty and depth to the space that was previously missing.

We can build a custom mirror to fit your specific needs. Our mirrors come in every shape and size, making them perfect for various parts of your house or business. Need a large body mirror for your bathroom? A small, stylish mirror for the entrance hall in your home? Drop by our store to speak with an expert about your options.

Professional Mirror & Framing Services

As an art and framing gallery, we have hundreds of custom framing mouldings available. The custom mirrors we make can come in any of these frames, giving you the largest selection of mirror frames along the Sunshine Coast. Choose the frame that best matches the aesthetic of the room where the mirror will hang.

We also have a substantial selection of custom mirrors at our gallery, ready to purchase or you can create your own. 

You may have thought of mirrors as grooming aids and nothing more. But a mirror can serve so many purposes in a space. It can perfectly complement the artwork, decoration pieces and furniture in your space. Mirrors can add character and a personal touch to the bathroom. With high-end, custom-framed mirrors, you can elevate your home decor significantly.

Visit the Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery for expert mirror services today.

Mirror frame — Art and Framing Services in Minyama, QLD
Mirror — Art and Framing Services in Minyama, QLD
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