Please see our wall art for images that are available for Wall Art Rental. The above packages are an example of what you can have, however we can design any package to suit your needs.
Please contact us if you would like our selection of our images in a PDF file.
All packages are based on a 6-week campaign.
Most of our rentals are finished with an oak float frame for the most modern look.



Art Rental for your Business

First Impressions are important! You can use art to create a stylish and professional look for your clients. Art rentals can work well for your office, a café, restaurants, or hotels. You can change your art as often as you like or fill a large wall for a fraction of the usual cost. Speak with your accountant as art rental fees can be a 100% tax deduction.

Property Styling

Are you selling your home? Do you want that WOW factor when someone walks in? Styling your property with art will lift the overall presentation of your home. Potential buyers will be able to visualise themselves in your home. Art rentals is a great idea when you need artwork for a short time while your house is on the market. We have stock ready to go if you need something urgently.

Rental Properties

Do you want your Airbnb to stand out amongst the crowd? You can change your artwork at the end of your rental periods for a fresh new look. Walls in a fully furnished rental will look amazing! Check with your accountant as art rental can be a tax deduction.

Interior Designers

Are you an interior designer looking for flexibility in ordering different sizes to suit a space? We offer custom printing and framing options with 100’s of frames to choose from. You can choose an image from our gallery of 1000’s of images. You are sure to find something that your client will love.



You Name it - We Can Frame it!

Whether you are framing a piece for preservation or for decor we can help you. Our expert team will work with you to create what you are after, lending their knowledge along the way.