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Artisan And Hand Crafted Framing

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Make your home unique by putting a limit on “fast furniture” and avoiding throw away items that deteriorate after mere months. In 2022, we can expect to see people making considered investments in pieces to be treasured for a lifetime. Embrace the quality and timeless beauty of artisanal crafted, and one-of-a-kind beauties.

Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery is the embodiment of this movement. With a focus on design, conservation & quality; every piece produced is unique and can be tailored to your exact taste and décor style. Fine framing is like a well-designed piece of furniture; it can enhance your space and your artwork; while giving you a better sense of connection with your home.

Our experienced design consultants will take you through a design experience that is engaging and rewarding. Place your work on the counter and be presented with a wide range of moulding, mat board and glass choices to suit your taste.

Receive great advice and ideas on how to best show off and preserve your photographs, artwork or objects. It is a chance for you to enjoy collaborating with an expert to create your own unique pieces.

Visit our store to view a molding sample to really show off the colour spectrum available, or contact us if you need more information

Copyright: 2022 Interior Design Trends by Larson Juhl.

Connection To Nature – Timber Frames

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Creating a calming visual space with a connection to nature improves wellbeing, health and productivity.
The neutral, authentic tones and unique washes of natural wood bring any space together; connecting it to nature and adding warmth.




White Ash is a beautiful wheat coloured timber with great warmth, and a feeling of age or long seasoning. A uniform grain waves and rolls through the surface of the timber. Consistency of colour and pattern make it an ideal material for use in interior decor.




Cedar timber has a wonderful tonal range; from light blonde through to warm honey. A rich grain dispersed with tight knots add pops of natural character. Cedars’ lovely perfume makes this a really attractive timber.




European Beech has a fresh feel with the subtle colouration of pink minerals, such as limestone or salt. Characteristic flecks throughout the surface give a fantastic patterned or woven effect, complimentary to polished contemporary interiors.




Oak timber has a long heritage in furnishings and interiors. Rich grain and light caramel tones are not only beautiful but impart a sense of strength, calm and permanence in a space.


Visit our store to view a molding sample to really show off the colour spectrum of these grains, or contact us if you need more information

Copyright: 2022 Interior Design Trends by Larson Juhl.

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Monday, October 26th, 2020


Trends come and go, however the “Gallery Wall” trend is one that I hope stays around for many years to come.   

A well designed and placed gallery wall is the perfect way to make a big personal and bold impact in your home! Gallery Walls allow you the ability show who you are and what you or your family like. In recent times, gallery walls have become the new feature wall in homes being built today, which means no more bright green paint walls in the living room (I’m looking at you 1970)! Also, if desired, a blank staircase can come to life by arranging the Gallery Wall of your dreams.

Arranging a gallery wall can be an intimidating challenge, but here are some tips on how you can cash in on this hot new trend and throw away the bright green wall paint.


Have fun and be playful

This is an exciting journey that you have just undertaken, just make sure that you enjoy it! Have fun with it, maybe add some goofy family photos or use your child’s drawing that has been on the fridge for years. You can use art that you have purchased from a local artist you met while over seas on your last holiday. You can use old calendars, notes, cards or even a favourite poem or quote.  

Gallery walls can be used to tell a story of your travels. You can use a combination of photos, prints or postcards you have collected along the way. This creates a great conversation piece for guest’s and adds character/authenticity to your home.  

The sky is the limit and the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Gallery wall ideas

Mix it up and take your time

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all it’s flavour” – William Cowper 1785 .

When creating your unique Gallery wall, you have to ensure that there is a lot of variety in the pieces that you use. Illustrations, paintings, book pages, photos, items you have collected, drawings, artwork, you just need to keep it eclectic and visually interesting. Later you can tie it all together with theme, frame colour, style, or image colour palette. We recommend that you lay all your pieces down in the layout that you would like them initially, take a picture and then move things around. Complete this process a number of times and you will find a layout that looks gorgeous and showcases everything perfectly.     

You now have the perfect arrangement, but you’re not sure what it would look like on your wall? Before you go knocking holes in the wall, we recommend cutting brown paper to size, and blue tacking them to the wall. This will allow you to get a visual understanding of placement, space and feel of your Gallery Wall. 

Do not rush, be sure to take your time and marinate in the glory of what you have created. We have found that the best arrangements look and feel as if everything has been collected over time, and not just lumped together. 


Framing is the key

You’ve selected the pieces that you would like, you know the layout and where this masterpiece will be showcased, but something is missing? This brings us to the final stage of your journey.

Gallery walls are not only about the artwork/pieces, it all needs to be framed and not just any old frame laying around. We strongly that all frames are the same colour, shape, and style. By having consistency in the framing finish, you create visual unity in the grouping. However, there must be a variety of frame sizes to help create the unique feel and experience that you desire.

Enjoy your journey!  

Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery have a team of framing experts that can help you through your unique journey of framing the art and prints that are special to you. No frame is too big or small, we will help you get the perfect result for your artwork.

Showcase your favourite memories in the Sunshine Coast

Monday, August 10th, 2020

A gallery wall is a perfect way to make a big personal impact at home.

Photos and souvenirs capture the moments you enjoyed. While they may be one-dimensional, photos have the power to take you back to that special time and place you had with family and friends.

Once framed on your wall you will see your memories everyday, and the people and places you visited will bring a smile to your face each time you look at them. Some good wall décor subjects to have matted and framed are people, notable landmarks and scenic shots. You can enlarge a particularly good shot to a substantial size – one that can occupy a prominent place on your wall. However not all holiday memories are necessarily photos. How about that handmade Belgian lace you bought while in Europe or those seashells you gathered on your beach getaway?

Instead of storing treasures to look at on a rainy day get them framed! 

They can be displayed in a way to create a fitting keepsake. In addition to creating a dynamite way to display your memories, you need to frame them in a way that your items will be preserved for any years to come. Issues that need to be addressed are protection from fading and other environmental hazards as well as preventing potentially harmful chemical reactions when working with metal, wood, or plastic mementos. Elegantly framing your souvenirs and mementos can create a reminder of a pleasant journey. Bring your holiday photos and souvenirs to life and make them part of your everyday.

We print your images!

We can scan/download your images, resize and print.

We recently scanned this 6×4 photo and reworked it into a 600x400mm print for stretched canvas. Let us help you bring your memories to life!

Artisan homewares

Looking for something special, for a special someone? 

Drop in and browse our collection of homewares including hand-made unique pieces by Australian and International artists.

You Name it - We Can Frame it!

Whether you are framing a piece for preservation or for decor we can help you. Our expert team will work with you to create what you are after, lending their knowledge along the way.