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Showcase your favourite memories in the Sunshine Coast

Monday, August 10th, 2020

A gallery wall is a perfect way to make a big personal impact at home.

Photos and souvenirs capture the moments you enjoyed. While they may be one-dimensional, photos have the power to take you back to that special time and place you had with family and friends.

Once framed on your wall you will see your memories everyday, and the people and places you visited will bring a smile to your face each time you look at them. Some good wall décor subjects to have matted and framed are people, notable landmarks and scenic shots. You can enlarge a particularly good shot to a substantial size – one that can occupy a prominent place on your wall. However not all holiday memories are necessarily photos. How about that handmade Belgian lace you bought while in Europe or those seashells you gathered on your beach getaway?

Instead of storing treasures to look at on a rainy day get them framed! 

They can be displayed in a way to create a fitting keepsake. In addition to creating a dynamite way to display your memories, you need to frame them in a way that your items will be preserved for any years to come. Issues that need to be addressed are protection from fading and other environmental hazards as well as preventing potentially harmful chemical reactions when working with metal, wood, or plastic mementos. Elegantly framing your souvenirs and mementos can create a reminder of a pleasant journey. Bring your holiday photos and souvenirs to life and make them part of your everyday.

We print your images!

We can scan/download your images, resize and print.

We recently scanned this 6×4 photo and reworked it into a 600x400mm print for stretched canvas. Let us help you bring your memories to life!

Artisan homewares

Looking for something special, for a special someone? 

Drop in and browse our collection of homewares including hand-made unique pieces by Australian and International artists.

How Wall Art Can Change The Interior Of Your Home

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Transform The Look & Feel Of Your Home With Wall Art

When it comes to doing things that can completely change the feel and vibe of your home without having to do much work, you can’t do much better than investing in a bunch of cool wall art! The great thing about wall art is that once you have a set of good quality frames, you can mix and match over the months and years with same sized art that keeps things fresh around the house.

Even if you have never been the kind of person who has experimented with art before, it is never too late to get on the bandwagon! From the team here at Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery, here are some of the ways that your interior can be transformed by wall art on the Sunshine Coast.

Alter The Colour Palette Of A Room

Wall art can offer an instant change of colour palette within a room, without you having to do something much more drastic like paint a wall. The interchangeable nature of wall art means that you never have to commit to something permanent and can continue to play around until you find something that you want to stay.


Show Off Your Personality

Wall art can be a great way to express yourself and add even more personality to your home. The wide array of pieces to select from, especially online, means that you can be as specific to your own personal tastes as you want. Your home can literally be the physical representation of yourself!


Add Some Texture

If you are looking for ways to add more texture to your home decor, then wall art is a simple and effective solution. Don’t underestimate just how much of an impact those few inches coming out from the flat wall can have on a room. It can really bring it to life.


Get Inspired

If you are somebody who finds themselves inspired by art, then having lots dotted around your home can be a great source of motivation. Your home should be a place that makes you feel good, and wall art can certainly have an effect when picked correctly.

Browse Our Range Of Wall Art

So, if you are interested in getting started with some wall art for your Sunshine Coast, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Art Frames. We like to think that we can provide the frames and canvases to get your new collection started off just right. We look forward to being able to help you out!

How Picture Frames Can Change A Photo

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

The immediate effect of a frame is obvious.

Even an inexpensive frame adds depth and character to an image.

Think of a photo in a frame, and then think of photos pinned up on a college cork board.

Adding a frame makes an image a focal point. It almost drives the eye to it and gives it a level of importance.

Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery makes a living out of making special pictures look more attractive and important.

Here are a few other reasons why should go looking for picture framing on the Sunshine Coast.

Match the Decor of Your Room

Probably the most obvious way that a picture frame changes a photo is how well it allows you to match it to your decor and make it appear as part of the room.

There is nothing wrong with drawing the eye to a photo, but in many cases you want something that blends seamlessly rather than stands out.

The Frame Can Set The Tone

Photos of children that are surrounded by a fun, colourful, and childlike frame are a little more fitting than being surrounded by something sharp or Gothic.

On the other hand, pictures of your refined aunt and uncle may make them look a little silly and frivolous if it were surrounded with the same type of child-like frame.

A Frame Can Define the Meaning of a Picture

There is a reason why some art galleries spend months picking the right frame.

Even the simple colour of a frame can mar or make a picture.

In simple terms, imagine a black and white photo that has a bright purple frame, or a piece of modern art that has an antique frame.

Some people try to create contradiction with their frames, but in most cases you pick a frame because it aligns with the meaning of a picture.

Plus, do not forget that a frame may define both the meaning and the use of a picture.

For example, a picture frame at a man’s birthday party may be bold so that people are quickly drawn to it.

On the other hand, the same picture would have sombre and low-key frame if it were used for his funeral.

Consider Your Next Purchase Carefully

If you are looking for picture framing on the Sunshine Coast, then get in touch with us here at the Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery.

We offer the type of range and variety that gives you the freedom to express yourself freely, while also helping you match your picture frames to your general decor.

For more information on choosing art, read our previous blog post!

You Name it - We Can Frame it!

Whether you are framing a piece for preservation or for decor we can help you. Our expert team will work with you to create what you are after, lending their knowledge along the way.