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For custom mirrors featuring high-end frames, our Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery offers custom mirror-making services in our Minyama and Noosa stores.

We have a range of pre-made mirrors hanging in our gallery or you can choose from our vast selection of frame mouldings to create a mirror of any size to fit your space. Utilising our expert framing service, we can help you add style to your mirror and align it with your business or home’s aesthetic. 

Our team will help you decide what mirror best suits your room and provide options to hang your mirror on the wall.

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Transform your home’s style with custom mirrors

Custom-made framed mirrors offer many advantages beyond adding style. They can also transform how a room appears. 

Do you have a wall space that's been bothering you? The perfect mirror placement will create an effect so visually pleasing you will forget you ever had an issue in the first place.

Does your room lack natural lighting? Mirrors can be an added light source, reflecting sun rays throughout your room and organically illuminating your space. 

The most significant advantage of mirrors is they are the best way to create the illusion of visual space. They can bring beauty and depth to your room that was previously missing. Our team can advise you on your custom-framed mirror's best size and placement to add space to your room.

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