Memorabilia Framing

At Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery we have a special appreciation for memorabilia framing. Above all we know the love and adoration you may hold for the special piece. Be it sporting goods, art, military or music memorabilia you own. Allow us to frame and preserve your memorabilia using safe and stylish methods.

When it comes to framing your memorabilia, it's not just about keeping them safe. It's an art that can make your most treasured possessions feel even more special. The team here at Sunshine Coast Art & Framing are experts in this field and will make sure your precious keepsakes are transformed into stunning works of art. Having a professional to help you every step of the way is a surefire way to make your Memorabilia Art stand out and last a lifetime.

Jersey framing, memorabilia and mementos

We can custom-frame just about any object for you! Our custom frames will highlight the beauty and majesty of your sports memorabilia while preserving the original item so that it remains in your collection for decades.

Certificate framing
Mementos & memorabilia framing
Jersey framing

Memorabilia For Sale

Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery don’t just frame your memorabilia. We also have a collection of sports, music and military memorabilia for sale. We have relationships with the best memorabilia collectors on the Sunshine Coast.

If you see a piece at our art gallery that catches your eye, ask one of our attendants about its value. We can even track down specific items that you may want to purchase.

Preservation by experienced hands

Our expert team have extensive knowledge of working with many beloved items. For instance, we have spent decades preserving jerseys, trophies, ballet shoes, flags, military uniforms, pins and old photographs.

We are proud of our reputation. We are known as the best memorabilia framers on the Sunshine Coast!

Preserving memorabilia is different from framing artwork and photographs. It requires a delicate balance of highlighting the valuable item you own. Then protecting it. And finally ensuring the frame fits with your existing decor.

We can custom-frame your:

  • signed football
  • cricket ball
  • football jumper
  • club jersey (soccer, football, rugby etc)
  • boxing glove
  • medals
  • trophies
  • guitars
  • old photos
  • coins
  • tickets
  • posters
  • golf balls
  • tennis balls
  • baseball bats
  • ballet shoes
  • cricket pads
  • flags
  • boots
  • shoes
  • and any other sports memorabilia you may own.

You Name it - We Can Frame it!

Whether you are framing a piece for preservation or for decor we can help you. Pop into our art gallery and our expert team will work with you to create what you are after, lending their knowledge along the way.