Canvas Framing

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Canvas Frames Sunshine Coast

Create stunning statement pieces for your home or office with our expert canvas framing services at the Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery.

With the average person taking up to 150 photos on their phone each month, it can be easy to lose track of those special moments you’ve captured in a photograph. Make your memories stand out from the crowd with our bespoke canvas framing service, ensuring your family photoshoot, reunion, or special occasion is visible to all your visitors.

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Why choose us for canvas frames?

At Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery, we take pride in our high-quality products and professional work. With over two decades of industry experience, we have the know-how to turn your canvas into a beautifully framed piece of art. We can help you achieve the style, look, and finish you desire to ensure you receive a framed canvas that’s unique to you.

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What is canvas framing?

Canvases are popular for printing statement photographs and for artists to paint on, with its tough and durable fabric wrapped around a wooden frame to create a lightweight, durable print. Canvas framing refers to adding a frame around the outside of this board, adding extra rigidity and style to your piece.

This process makes hanging your art much more straightforward and adds a bold outline that separates your art from the surrounding decor. As such, your canvas will stand out as an elegant, sophisticated addition to your property, foregrounding your artwork, family portrait, or holiday snaps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only can you put a frame on your canvas, but it is also an excellent way to preserve your canvas. The additional frame gives the canvas extra support to prevent warping, ensuring your unique art or photo stays stylish for longer. Plus, you can even change the frame to match your interior design as it develops over the years.

The price of our canvas framing services will vary depending on some different factors, including:

  • The size of your canvas
  • The type of frame you’re looking for
  • The number of canvases you’d like framing

Need expert canvas framing services?

If you’re interested in our canvas framing services, pop into our art gallery and our friendly team of experts will help you find the best option for your canvas.