Picture Framing Sunshine Coast 

The Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery in Minyama is your expert for picture framing, vintage art preservation, canvas stretching, custom mirrors, wall art and decor, giftware, and sports memorabilia framing. Whether you are framing a piece for preservation or for decor we can help you. Our expert team will work with you to create what you are after, lending their knowledge along the way.

Stunning Picture Frames For Your Beautiful Artwork

A beautiful work of art deserves a stunning frame that shows it off in the best possible way. Our experts can help you frame every piece of art that you own. We have extensive knowledge of pairing frames with specific types of art.

There’s not much we can’t frame! If you have an unusual request, pop in for a chat with our experienced team to see if we can help you.


Make every picture a work of art 

We spend our lives collecting pictures, from snaps of special moments taken on a camera to grand canvases of an artist’s work or little sketches picked up in holiday markets. Everyone is important, and everyone deserves a frame to preserve it forever.


Framing makes it special

While a work of art has a life of its own, you get to choose the frame. Make sure you find one that enhances and complements the art you’ve chosen and raises it above what it can be on its own.

Here at the Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery, we have many years of experience in working with art and imagery of all kinds, so we’re well versed in how to pair different styles of art with different styles of frame, as well as matching all these together with the décor in your home.


Why choose us?

At the Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery, we pride ourselves on our years of experience, and we like to think that there’s nothing that we can’t frame! Whether it’s a truly huge canvas of epic proportions or a smaller piece that’s personal to you, we treat each and every artwork we frame with the respect and attention that something so important to you deserves.

Above all else, our expert team is:

  • Driven by a passion for art.
  • Always learning and exploring how we can make our framing better to match with different styles and different periods. 
  • Has access to an enormous range of frames of every type, so whatever look you’re trying to achieve and whatever style your art is, there’s a great chance we have the perfect frame.

We also specialise in restoration, such as canvas stretching, so we can even go above and beyond to make your art better than when we found it!


Our Sunshine Coast Art Gallery

Originally based in Caloundra for over 23 years, we moved to Minyama in 2011. Our Caloundra location was lovely, but we now have more space to create the perfect environment for our customers. We changed our name to Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery in 2019. We are proud of our larger, brighter gallery in Minyama. You will find us on Nicklin Way and it’s easy to get to and has ample parking at the front. Come in and talk to our knowledgeable team about any art or framing questions you may have.

You Name it – We Can Frame it!


Frequently asked questions

Why use a framer?

You might be able to buy frames yourself over the counter, but true framing is a trade all of its own that requires years of practice and technical knowledge to master. Not only will we design the perfect size frame, mount, or mat to go with your art, we’ll also make sure that only the correct acid-free paper is used in the process. We’ll also pick just the right type of glass or plastic on the front to minimise glare and make it as clear as possible.

Can a frame protect my art?

Absolutely, and if your artwork is especially old or delicate, we’d definitely recommend getting it framed. Using different types of glass can seriously reduce the damage that all kinds of things can do to your piece, from air to light and pollutants, and we can specify exactly which one is best.


Give us a call

Have you got a precious piece of art that you’d love to hang or an existing piece that could do with a makeover to bring out its potential? Give us a call at the Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery or come and see us, and we’ll bring your art to life!

We share an intense passion for art

We can accommodate the most unusual of requests. Just pop by our gallery and speak to a team member!

Sunshine Coast Art Framing Team

You Name it - We Can Frame it!

Whether you are framing a piece for preservation or for decor we can help you. Our expert team will work with you to create what you are after, lending their knowledge along the way.