Connection To Nature - Timber Frames

Connection To Nature - Timber Frames - SC-Art-Frames

Creating a calming visual space with a connection to nature improves wellbeing, health and productivity.
The neutral, authentic tones and unique washes of natural wood bring any space together; connecting it to nature and adding warmth.


White Ash is a beautiful wheat coloured timber with great warmth, and a feeling of age or long seasoning. A uniform grain waves and rolls through the surface of the timber. Consistency of colour and pattern make it an ideal material for use in interior decor.


Cedar timber has a wonderful tonal range; from light blonde through to warm honey. A rich grain dispersed with tight knots add pops of natural character. Cedars' lovely perfume makes this a really attractive timber.


European Beech has a fresh feel with the subtle colouration of pink minerals, such as limestone or salt. Characteristic flecks throughout the surface give a fantastic patterned or woven effect, complimentary to polished contemporary interiors.


Oak timber has a long heritage in furnishings and interiors. Rich grain and light caramel tones are not only beautiful but impart a sense of strength, calm and permanence in a space.

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