Do you have something you want to conserve?

Do you have something you want to conserve? - SC-Art-Frames

Matboards are a fundamental component of almost every framed picture. However, understanding the vast range of information and choices available in matboards can be daunting to comprehend.

Here, we wish to provide some useful insights about matboards to help you to decipher some of the myths and facts about this vital aspect of our profession.


The primary purpose of matboard is to provide protection for the artwork and enhance the framing design.

The number one reason why consumers choose to custom frame an artwork is to protect and preserve the item. The matboard is designed to support an artwork and provides a safe distance between the artwork and the glass.

This is because even minor environmental changes can create condensation and moisture build up on the surface of the glass, which can in turn damage an artwork.

In the absence of a matboard, a glass spacer is recommended to facilitate this function. However, not all matboard is designed to protect the artwork it touches.

Some matboards such as decorator-grade (white core) matboards, can gradually cause irreparable damage to art through direct contact over time.

A matboard is used to enhance and help the viewer to focus correctly on the image. This can be achieved through a combination of distance, balance, proportion and colour.

The papers and core of a matboard are made from either impurified wood pulp, purified alpha-cellulose wood pulp, or in the case of museum grade, board cotton linter pulp.

Chat to your local matboard expert about the various matboards available and which might be the perfect one for your project.

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