Ideas For Canvas Printing

Blue Lagoon Canvas Print Wall Art

Creating beautiful wall art that truly showcases your personality and passions has never been easier, it's what we do here at Art Frames. Canvas printing is a fantastic way to put your own stamp on a space, and these large print pieces are as at home in a stylish living room as they are in a cutting-edge salon or smart office space.

Bring your photographs to life

If you’re fed up with your fabulous photos languishing in an album you hardly open, why not choose your best images to adorn your walls? Whether you fancy creating a gallery wall of your nearest and dearest, showcasing that terrific landscape you shot last year, or letting the world see your skills as a wildlife photographer, canvas printing is a fantastic way to get your photos out of the cupboard and onto the walls.

Oak float frame stretched canvas

At Art Frames, we know how to bring out the best in your image too, which is why we use specialist materials like our enhanced matt paper that’s ideal for archival photographs, or our premium lustre photo satin paper that is perfect for giving a beautiful finish to photographic images.

Your most precious moments

Whether it’s the moment you first met your new puppy or that time the kids had a ball at a family barbecue, a large format canvas print is a beautiful way to preserve your most precious memories. From formal occasions like weddings or big birthdays to capturing those once in a lifetime snapshots, surrounding yourself with happy images of those you love is a sure-fire way to bring joy to your family home.

Abstract and arty

Canvas prints aren’t just for photos though – the frameless finish lends itself beautifully to more abstract images, and the potential for choosing a larger format means your image has the chance to be a real showstopper. We love seeing this type of image in an entrance hall, and they always look fab as part of a commercial building to create a real talking point.

Interiors with an edge

Creating a great interior is a good way to showcase your style, and using canvas prints can be just the finishing touch you need. Designing your own print means you have absolute control over the colours, style and images you include. You may choose to use images that reflect the way the room will be used – photos of colourful veggies for a kitchen say, or gorgeous seascapes for the bathroom. Alternatively, you may want to reflect the theme of your décor – maybe you’ve gone for an art-deco vibe or a lively fifties theme? Canvas printing is a terrific way to get just the right images to work with your interiors.

Maximise your mood

Choosing the right canvas prints can really lift your mood too. As well as surrounding yourself with images of those you love, you could consider an image that really means something to you – be it somewhere you’ve visited, somewhere you hope to go or just a picture that makes your heart sing. Whatever you’d like to surround yourself with, a canvas print is a gorgeous way to achieve this.

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