Showcase your favourite memories in the Sunshine Coast

Showcase your favourite memories in the Sunshine Coast - SC-Art-Frames

A gallery wall is a perfect way to make a big personal impact at home.

Photos and souvenirs capture the moments you enjoyed. While they may be one-dimensional, photos have the power to take you back to that special time and place you had with family and friends.

Once framed on your wall you will see your memories everyday, and the people and places you visited will bring a smile to your face each time you look at them. Some good wall décor subjects to have matted and framed are people, notable landmarks and scenic shots. You can enlarge a particularly good shot to a substantial size – one that can occupy a prominent place on your wall. However not all holiday memories are necessarily photos. How about that handmade Belgian lace you bought while in Europe or those seashells you gathered on your beach getaway?

Instead of storing treasures to look at on a rainy day get them framed!

They can be displayed in a way to create a fitting keepsake. In addition to creating a dynamite way to display your memories, you need to frame them in a way that your items will be preserved for any years to come. Issues that need to be addressed are protection from fading and other environmental hazards as well as preventing potentially harmful chemical reactions when working with metal, wood, or plastic mementos. Elegantly framing your souvenirs and mementos can create a reminder of a pleasant journey. Bring your holiday photos and souvenirs to life and make them part of your everyday.

We print your images!

We can scan/download your images, resize and print.

We recently scanned this 6×4 photo and reworked it into a 600x400mm print for stretched canvas. Let us help you bring your memories to life!

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