Ready Made White Timber Frame With Glass



White Timber Picture Frame

Quality crafted modern picture frame with glass. This timber frame with matte white finish will suit photographs, certificates, prints and original art.

All frames include tabs on the back for easy access. Depending on size and weight, the frames include variations of MDF or foam board backing, hanging tabs, stand, and hanging wire or cord. Suitable for landscape or portrait orientation.

Picture Frame Stand and Hanging Tab

Picture frame with MDF, tabs, hanging tab and stand

Picture frame hanging tab

Picture frame with MDF, tabs and hanging tab.

Picture Frame Hanging Wire and D-Rings

Picture frame with MDF, tabs, hanging wire and d-rings

Hanging cord and d-rings

Picture frame with foam board, hanging cord and d-rings.










Printed insert shown is for illustrative purposes and may vary from the insert shipped. We recommend screws are drilled in straight to avoid natural timber splitting, and can not be held accountable for damage caused when installing d-rings.

Additional information

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4 x 6" (102mm x 153mm), 5 x 7" (127mm x 178mm), 6 x 8" (153mm x 204mm), 8 x 10" 204mm x 254mm), A4 (210mm x 297mm), 10 x 12" (254mm x 305mm), 10 x 15" (255mm x 380mm), 11 x 14" (280mm x 355mm), 12 x 16" (305mm x 407mm), 12 x 18" (305mm x 457mm), 14 x 18" (355mm x 457mm), A3 (297mm x 420mm), 16 x 16" (407mm x 407mm), 16 x 20" (407mm x 508mm), A2 (420mm x 594mm), 20 x 24" (508mm x 610mm), A1 (954x841mm)