Balance is the key

Balance is the key - SC-Art-Frames


When it comes to framing your photos and artwork, one size does not fit all. There are a number of decisions to be made, including style, colour, texture, and proportion, that can make or break a design. Balancing all these elements is key. A successful design will keep the focus on your artwork, not its surroundings, you don’t want to see the framing when you look at your overall piece, you want the frame to enhance your piece.

One of your first choices in the design process is colour. Colours that are too bold or too bright can make your art look washed out. A better option for you may be to choose a variation of a colour in your print. This will help draw your eye to the artwork, not detract from it. Your next step is to select a frame style. Current trends may seem like the easy choice, but they are not always right for your custom frame. On the other hand, period frames may seem too ornate or elaborate for your personal taste. The key is to find the right balance and choose a style that works for you and for your artwork. Finally, it is important to keep proportion in mind. If you add a pattern to your frame design, make sure it is to scale and coordinates with your print or photo. Large patterns and textures can dwarf delicate or detailed images. The size of your finished piece is also important. A small frame placed on a large wall can get lost, while a large frame in a small space can feel overwhelming or suffocating. Consider where you will be displaying your art and the frame’s proportion to the room.

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