What to do with your Children's Art?

What to do with your Children's Art? - SC-Art-Frames


Do you have a budding Picasso in your family? Does your third grader come home proud as can be of a painting he or she made for you? Maybe your child has all the colours of the rainbow at their disposal and they love to create an absolute masterpiece (albeit with a non-proportional house to stick people included) for you every week. Children can always melt even the coldest of hearts with their creativity and love.

Now, what to do with all of this art? Surely, you’ll want to treasure it forever?

Framing kids art

The possibilities are endless

One of the perks of working in the art and framing industry is the variation of every individual piece that comes across our bench. Every day is different in every way. We're exposed to unique one of a kind pieces from beautiful parts of the world. Sometimes we have new artists come and get their first commissioned piece framed. We get to frame special items that belonged to someone who is no longer with us, however their memory and achievements can live on through those that love them. The reason I've mentioned these things is because I would like to inspire you. Inspire you in such a way that the only thing you must realise when it comes to art and framing;

The possibilities are endless.

Frame your child's Art

Go one better than putting the masterpiece on the fridge with a banana magnet holding it up. Get it framed! When you frame your children’s artwork, it really shows that you love how they express themselves and it encourages creativity and self esteem. A home of creativity and laughter, sounds like a lovely place to live. At the same time, you could hang their art for all to see and enjoy. Maybe you could gift the framed piece to their favourite grandparents? What grandparent wouldn’t love to receive a grandchild’s artwork for their home! Or you could add their art to your Gallery Wall?

Your child’s artwork provides endless possibilities for home décor.

Framing can also enhance your child’s art in a number of ways depending on the design you choose. You can preserve it in all its glory, protecting it from the elements. There are many creative and fun ways to frame children’s artwork too. For example, a brightly coloured frame with a complementary mat will turn a simple painting of apples and oranges into a fun piece for the family kitchen. Or an elaborate, gold leaf frame with a fillet and double mat can make the art look like a museum piece, perfect for your living room.

Framing also works for arts and crafts projects. Pottery projects, masks, papier mâché and other creative items can be framed with a wide, thick moulding that makes a great conversation piece and a focal point for any room or hallway. By custom framing this art, you're adding to its appeal. An important part of the process is choosing where to hang the painting. This depends on the art and its final presentation. I recommend getting it framed with a specific room in mind.

Canvas' are your new best friend

Your child might also enjoy having art in their room. Getting their creation put on a canvas can increase it's presence and really add a large amount of colour to a room. Larger canvas' provide visual stimulation and evoke a happy atmosphere. But your child's pride can be multiplied when the canvas art is of their own creation. Hanging canvas' and other artwork on your walls is a great way to enhance your home, but try taking your décor to another level by proudly displaying your own child’s art.

The possibilities are endless to create the right home for your very own Picasso.

Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery have a team of framing experts that can help you through your unique journey of framing the art and prints that are special to you. No frame is too big or small, we will help you get the perfect result for your artwork.

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