Sunshine Coast Art & Framing custom framing services include sharing expert knowledge for your frames. Our creative team can advise on the size and best colour for your frame. 

Choosing the right colour picture frame for your piece can enhance your photo, artwork or memorabilia’s aesthetic and emotional impact. We will work with you to understand your space and ensure your frame complements your style and interior decor to create a visually pleasing room in your home or commercial space.  

Classic or bold frame colours are two framing trends that always stay in style. But before you decide, you need to understand the effect your frame can have.


It can be fun to experiment with new framing trends. But when in doubt, choosing a timeless colour for your picture frame is a safe but effective approach. 

Classic frame colours include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Wood-look

These colours will always be in style for a reason. Their neutrality allows versatility in your artwork or photo’s colour scheme and design. 

Black frames can bring sophistication to your space and complement any pictures and interior design style. They can also add boldness to your room and draw attention to your art for an enhanced effect. 

White frames, like all things white, can modernise your home or commercial space interior and provide a sense of cleanliness. These frames look crisp and fresh and will brighten up your room. From bright to minimalistic to monochromatic, choosing a white frame can enhance your framed piece.

Wood-look frames bring warmth and a natural feel to your artwork. Like black and white frames, these wood frames can complement any picture style or colour while adding an organic touch to your space. 

There is a reason why these frame colours will never go out of style. They can enhance any framed piece and, used correctly, bring a specific feel to your space. 


If you want to make a statement with your framed piece, a bold-coloured frame is the best way to add vibrancy and personality to your artwork and prints. Like neutral colour picture frames, bold frames can create a striking focal point in your framed content. 

The right colour frame can bring energy and excitement to your space and showcase your creative nature. Bold-colour frames are the best way to display your style while amplifying the visual impact of your artwork. 

Choosing the right vibrant colour for your frame involves identifying whether you want an unassuming pop of colour or a striking monochromatic effect in your space. You can even try mixing and matching your frame and print’s colours for a truly unique interior home feature. 

Look at the dominant colour in your picture and choose a bold colour that goes well with it. 

Methods to choosing the right eye-catching colour for your picture frame are:

  • Monochromatic - For a modern, sleek look choose a frame colour that matches a colour in your artwork or photo. 
  • Contrasting - Choose frame colours that traditionally contrast the dominant colour of your framed piece. 
  • Colour blocking - Incorporate bold, contrasting colours to create a striking effect in your space. 

The most important thing to remember when choosing your frame colours is that they will hang in your home or commercial space. You will have to see it frequently. 

Utilise the information we have provided, then follow your instinct. Only you know the style you are trying to achieve with your space. Our team can advise on your framing options, but it doesn't mean you are wrong if you like something that goes against the grain. 

Your interior style is uniquely yours, and rightly so.

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