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Canvas stretching is a delicate process that requires an expert touch. Our craftsmen and women have decades of experience in handling canvases of different materials. We apply all our practice, expertise and patience to ensure that your canvas is stretched flawlessly.

Our eye for detail ensures zero mistakes when handling your canvas. You can expect a premium and perfect canvas stretching service every time you come by the Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery in Minyama. We offer the most comprehensive canvas stretching service on the Sunshine Coast.

When stretching canvas, there are three principal options available to you:

  1. We can extend your canvas with mirrored sides, where the art is stretched across all the sides.
  2. We also offer white sides and coloured sides, if you prefer for the art to remain on the flat portion of the canvas.
  3. Custom float frames are also available for a very trendy look.

We specialise in stretched canvas for original paintings, embroidery, fabrics, and images on canvas.

Our Stretching Services

  • An assortment of uniquely sized stretcher bars, ranging from 18mm–75mm
  • Stretching & re-stretching services for original artworks on canvas & linen
  • Re-stretching of artwork that is off the frame, such as items from Bali or Vietnam
  • Stretching services for Giclee prints or photography prints onto canvas
  • Stretching various fabrics, including silk, tapestries & designer materials
  • Custom-made blank canvases in the size & shape of your choosing

Stretched Canvas Print showing perfect finish on the corner of the picture - by Sunshine Coast Art & Framing Gallery  Aboriginal art on a big canvas that is being shown by an aboriginal man on the Sunshine Coast  Big canvas framed and hung on the wall in a living room in a Sunshine Coast home

Over 25 Years Experience

Our framers have extensive experience working with every type of print or material. We have 25 years and more in offering these services in Caloundra, Minyama and other parts of the Sunshine Coast. You can trust us with your most precious artwork, knowing we will stretch it to perfection as per your request.

Our expert team of framers has a great deal of knowledge in stretching indigenous art pieces. It requires a lot of care and a unique skill set to achieve the ideal result. Do not risk damage to a piece of rare indigenous art that is valuable to you. Bring it to our Minyama art gallery, and we will stretch it flawlessly.

We can also create custom canvases for your photographs. Drop by our gallery, show us the photograph and we can go through your options.


Do you stretch a canvas before or after painting?

Stretching a canvas after the painting is finished is possible, and some people enjoy the relative freedom and portability of using an unstretched canvas.

Being possible doesn’t mean it’s easy, and stretching a canvas after the painting is something that will really benefit from the professional skills you’ll find here at Sunshine Coast Art and Framing.

We’ll consider the flexibility of media, limitations of handling, and nuances of mounting material as well as considering your individual preferences.

When working on a canvas that you plan to have stretched after the painting is finished, it’s important to leave between one and a half and two inches of space around the image, to allow the work to wrap the stretcher bars. It’s also important to take measurements to whole inches so that the standard sizes of the stretcher bars are accounted for.

How long does it take to stretch a canvas?

In terms of actual time on the bars, a small canvas will need around five minutes worth of stretching, and a large one up to around thirty minutes. Before the physical stretching process, a professional art and framing service will take time to assess your piece of art and make sure that the delicate stretching process will enhance rather than damage your work.

Can I stretch my own canvas?

Many people explore the option of stretching their own canvas. While it can seem like a good way to save a few dollars, it’s worth considering the initial outlay that’s needed, as well as the risks involved.

Without the skill that comes from professional expertise, It can be tricky to get a canvas that’s free of wrinkles, and if you’re seeking to stretch a piece of specialist or precious art, there is a risk of damage to the painting. If the canvas is not stretched correctly, the end result may grow loose or warp over time.

Can you stretch any size or shape of canvas?

Pretty much – our stretching service includes work on uniquely sized stretcher bars ranging from eighteen to seventy-five millimeters.

Can you stretch any type of material?

We stretch linen, silk and tapestries, as well as traditional canvas – if you’re not sure whether your art can be stretched, then just get in touch and we’ll take a look at the options.

At Sunshine Coast Art and Framing, we’re proud of our reputation for being able to frame almost any type of art from cute pieces picked on a break to Bali, a canvas of a favourite photo right through the specialist requirements of precious indigenous art.

If your question isn’t answered here, don’t worry, just get in touch by phone, email or on one of our socials and enjoy the expert knowledge of skilled professionals.

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